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As the summer is coming to an end, it’s time to get an update on new electronic industry information, including advanced market products and solutions. Get more information about the future of production line connectivity with an ecosystem that contains a smart profiler and a networked real-time dashboard. Below, you can also read further about a machine that combines jetting of solder paste and placement, as well as, a mobile optical inspection system that is mostly used in quality control, production, laboratories or R&D departments.

With this, the EPP-Europe team wishes you a great start into September.

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Conductive adhesives for stringing and shingling next-generation solar modules
Engineered Material Systems, Inc. introduced its new CA-150 Series Snap Cure, low cost conductive adhesive for stringing and shingling crystalline silicon and heterojunction solar modules, designed for use in modified ribbon stringers. ...more
Combined process of placing and dispensing in a single pass-through
Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, has recently introduced the FOX² that combines jetting of solder paste or glue and placement in a single machine. ...more
3D AOI with ultra-high resolution MRS sensor
CyberOptics Corporation has introduced a 3D AOI system with ultra-high Resolution Multiple-Reflection Suppression sensor (MRS), which has a sophisticated 3D fusing algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. ...more
Ecosystem with smart profiler and profiling system for your Smart Factory
KIC has recently introduced the company‘s ecosystem comprised of the SPS smart profiler, RPI automatic profiling system, and Vantage with networked real-time dashboard. Moving towards the future of line connectivity, flexible production, process transparency, and machine learning. ...more
Precise inspection of semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays
The two microscopes from Olympus offers users features, flexibility, and ease of use to inspect large industrial samples quickly and easily. With a long-life white LED illuminator, it provides consistent color temperature for reliable image quality and accurate color reproduction. ...more
Connecting your machines, software and enterprise systems
Cogiscan Inc. has recently introduced their Co-nect production software, a unique, standalone and neutral connectivity solution. The connectivity layer of this software enables data exchange in real-time in very large manufacturing sites with hundreds of machines. ...more
Rework and mobile optical inspection systems
Ersa has introduced new rework systems and a mobile optical inspection system. The hybrid rework system features a 1,500 W high performance hybrid heating element to solder components. The Mobile Scope can be used in quality control, production, laboratories or R&D departments. ...more
Handheld dispensing valves for cyanoacrylate adhesives
Intertronics launched two new dispensing valves especially suitable for cyanoacrylate adhesives, as well as other volatile and/or low viscosity. They are handheld diaphragm dispensing valves offer a lightweight handheld “pencil grip” design which facilitates manual dispensing applications. ...more
All-in-one scalable functional test, in-system programming, and in-circuit test system
Acculogic Inc., a producer of electronic test solutions, offers a comprehensive range of turn-key services that range from in-circuit test fixture and program development to application development on custom functional test platforms. ...more
PCB router and cleaner, profiling of reflow ovens, and spiral viscometer
Seika Machinery, Inc., a provider of advanced machinery, materials, and engineering services, has a lineup of leading-edge equipment, including a pass through dry cabinet, a PCB router, a PCB board cleaner, and spiral viscometer. ...more

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