Dear Mr. Mustermann,

Welcome to this year’s first issue of the EPP Europe Newsletter. Below, you will find information about advanced products and solutions for the market. Including, recycling technologies that process waste and converts them into usable metal products, and a confocal microscope that combines 4K scanning to capture the shape of any sample under any angle. You can also read further into a two-component structural adhesive that is flexible and offers superior adhesion, as well as, a soldering station that is intended to be used for extreme, multi-shift production as the hand piece stays cool and comfortable.

To be caught up with the latest information and updates, the newsletter will now be twice a month. On behalf of the EPP-Europe team, we wish you a great start into the new year.

Kind regards,

Doris Jetter
Editor in Chief EPP Europe

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2018 is the ideal year to take some time off, by turning 30 vacation days into 70.
InnovationsForum Hungary
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Introducing Innovation Awards at Apex 2018
Members and exhibitors at the upcoming IPC Apex will have the opportunity to promote their new ideas in electronics by competing for the Innovation Awards, which recognizes outstanding products and services for the electronics industry. ...more
Robot vision system makes automated pin picking more efficient
Automated bin picking is even more efficient and flexible with the Intellipick 3D systems from Isra Vision. It reduces machine downtime and ensures continuous supply of parts due to faster recognition and better gripping capabilities. ...more

Signal Routing Software by Market Leader Pickering Interfaces
Switching and Signal Routing Software - What are the benefits?
Switch Path Manager (SPM) takes a different approach than expected and replaces any complex switching system with a “Virtual Switch Box”. It’s simply using specified signal names to achieve the required signal routes, with no chance of any accidental short-circuits.
Launch of large-area table-top stencil printer
This February, Transition Automation Inc. will have a live demonstration of their benchtop large-area stencil printer at IPC Apex. The printer itself weighs less than 226 kg due to the smart use of lightweight composite materials in its design. ...more
Telescopic table enhances working distance for inspection
Inspectis AB introduces the HD-050 telescopic height adjustment table, expanding the flexibility of working distance achievable with video microscope inspection systems. It features a 3-stage telescopic post that provides convenient height steps. ...more
Offering SMT metals waste recycling solutions
Conecsus, LLC will exhibit true metals recycling solutions that reward the recycling customer at IPC Apex 2018. They will show how they process wastes containing primarily Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper, and converts them into usable metal products. ...more
Low-odor high-performance adhesive
Panacol recently introduced a two-component structural adhesive in its product range: Penloc GTN is an easy to process methyl acrylate based low-odor high-performance adhesive, with a long processing time of 10 to 15 minutes that can be used in a wide variety of applications. ...more
Receiving reliable data quickly with confocal microscope
Saving time with a four times higher scan speed, Olympus’ confocal microscope combines 4K scanning and a large working distance with intuitive software to capture the shape of any sample under any angle. ...more
Solder pot analysis, bath testing to ensure optimum quality
Amerway Inc., a solder manufacturer servicing the electronics industry with high-purity alloys and solder products, provides solder pot analysis, bath testing, and other metals analysis services to ensure optimum quality control, aided by a metals analyzer, the Spectromaxx system. ...more
Ultra-fine cored wire for fine pitch component soldering and rework
Alpha Assembly Solutions, a producer of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is introducing SAC305 ultrafine cored wire for use in attaching or repairing very fine pitch components approaching 0.20 mm, which offers fast soldering performance. ...more
Low-cost production soldering station
The ADS200 soldering station will be introduced at Apex by Pace Worldwide. The system features a cool-touch hand-piece designed to stay cool even after continuous solder. It is also intuitive and easy to operate, where training is not required. ...more

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